*LAB - Gaston - Signature Luxury Ring


Our Signature "Gaston" Luxury Ring features 1 Lab Diamond totaling 0.70ct - 2.00ct and 0.60ct-0.70ct Micro Pavé Diamonds. This signature "Gaston" ring is inspired by architecture on the traditional pronged engagement ring designed with unique branches adorned in micro pave diamonds nestling the lab diamond. The solitaire ring is a nod to timeless designs, but the Micro Pavé diamonds give it that extra character.

✤ All our lab diamonds are in top quality D E / VVS VS and they arrive with SGL international certificates.

✤ Please note that the ring is built individually per stone, so slight differences may occur in carat, color, and clarity to hold your unique stone.

✤ Custom Design - LAB DIAMONDS - Delivery Up To 15 Working Days