Raw Bridal Collection
A special way to say, "I Do."
Raw Bridal Collection
A special way to say, "I Do."

Diamond In The Rough Jewely

Unique Raw - Timeless Diamonds - Natural Charming

Introducing the NEW "Natural Rough Diamond" collection, a line of jewelry designed for the modern woman who values both style and uniqueness. This collection features top sparkling raw diamonds that are perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any outfit.

But it's not just about the diamonds – the "RAW" collection also celebrates the everyday woman. These pieces are designed to be unique as you, we making it possible for everyone to wear a piece of Natural Raw diamond jewelry.

So why wait? Treat yourself to a piece from the "RAW" collection today and add a little sparkle to your life!

You will Sparkle Like a Diamond in The Sky!

Raw Engagement Rings

Among all the engagement rings, a rough diamond ring is a UNIQUE piece of art, our raw bridal collection is custom-made to capture the remarkable story of each ring and each love story... We Love It One Of A Kind!

A Special Way To Say I DO!


Discover The Unique Universe Of Diamond in the Rough Fine Jewelry’s Extravagant Pieces. As We Harmoniously Combine Our Ancestral And Modern Knowledge Of Diamonds And Expertise In The Design Of RAW Fine Jewelry, We Are Able To Create And Craft Extraordinary Pieces, As You’ve Never Seen Before.

How to Style Rough Diamond Jewelry

How to Style Rough Diamond Jewelry

Diamond jewelry is a timeless and classic accessory that can elevate any outfit. At Diamond in the Rough Jewelry (DITR Jewelry), we specialize in unique jewelry set with natural diamonds. In this blog post, we want to share different ways to style and wear diamond jewelry.

Pairing with Different Outfits

One of the best things about diamond jewelry is its versatility. It can be dressed up or down, making it perfect for any occasion. For a casual daytime look, pair diamond stud earrings with jeans and a t-shirt. For a more formal evening look, wear a diamond pendant necklace with a little black dress. Diamond bracelets can be worn with both casual and formal outfits, adding a touch of elegance to any look.

Wearing for Special Occasions

Diamond jewelry is a popular choice for special occasions such as weddings, proms, and anniversaries. For a wedding, consider wearing diamond chandelier earrings with a formal gown. For prom, diamond bracelets or bangles can add a touch of sparkle to a simple dress. And for an anniversary, diamond rings are the perfect way to show your love and commitment.

Mixing and Matching Jewelry Pieces

Another way to style diamond jewelry is to mix and match different pieces. Layer diamond necklaces of different lengths for a trendy look. Pair diamond hoop earrings with a diamond tennis bracelet for a cohesive and stylish look. Don't be afraid to mix metals either - yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold can all be mixed and matched for a unique and modern look.

Caring for Rough Diamond Jewelry

When wearing diamond jewelry, it's important to take good care of it to ensure that it remains beautiful and sparkling for years to come. Store diamond jewelry in a jewelry box or pouch to protect it from scratches. Clean diamond jewelry regularly with a soft brush and gentle soap and water to remove dirt and oil.


Diamond jewelry is a versatile and timeless accessory that can be styled and worn in many different ways. Whether you're pairing it with different outfits, wearing it for special occasions, or mixing and matching different jewelry pieces, diamond jewelry adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any look. Remember to take good care of your diamond jewelry to keep it looking beautiful and sparkling for years to come.

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The Process of Creating Unique Jewelry

The Process of Creating Unique Jewelry

At Diamond in the Rough Jewelry (DITR Jewelry), we specialize in creating unique jewelry pieces that are set with natural diamonds. In this blog post, we want to take you behind the scenes and share the process of how we create our jewelry pieces.

Sourcing Diamonds

The first step in creating our jewelry pieces is sourcing diamonds. We work with trusted diamond suppliers who provide us with ethically and responsibly sourced natural diamonds. We choose diamonds based on their unique characteristics such as color, clarity, and cut. Each diamond is handpicked to ensure that it meets our high standards for quality and beauty.

Designing Jewelry

Once we have the diamonds, our design team works on creating the jewelry pieces. We take inspiration from many sources such as nature, art, and fashion. Our design team creates sketches and 3D models of each piece to ensure that it will be both beautiful and functional. We consider factors such as the size and shape of the diamond, the style of the piece, and the type of metal to be used.

Creating the Finished Product

After the design phase is complete, our master jewelers get to work creating the finished product. Each piece of jewelry is crafted by hand using traditional techniques that have been perfected over centuries. Our jewelers use only the finest materials, including recycled gold and platinum, to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

Challenges and Successes

As with any creative process, there are always challenges and successes. One of the biggest challenges we face is ensuring that each piece is both unique and functional. We want our jewelry to be beautiful, but we also want it to be comfortable and practical for our customers to wear.

One of our biggest successes is the response we've received from our customers. We've created many one-of-a-kind pieces that have become treasured family heirlooms. It's incredibly rewarding to see the joy that our jewelry brings to our customers.


At DITR Jewelry, we take great pride in creating unique jewelry pieces that are set with natural diamonds. Our process begins with sourcing high-quality diamonds and continues through the design and crafting phases. We've faced challenges along the way, but our commitment to creating beautiful and functional pieces has resulted in many successes. We hope that this behind-the-scenes look at our process has given you a better understanding of how we create our jewelry pieces.

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The Importance of Natural Diamonds: Why We Choose Them for Our Jewelry

The Importance of Natural Diamonds: Why We Choose Them for Our Jewelry

Diamonds are a timeless and classic gemstone that has been treasured for centuries. At Diamond in the Rough Jewelry (DITR Jewelry), we specialize in unique jewelry sets with natural diamonds. In this blog post, we want to explain the importance of natural diamonds and why we choose them for our jewelry.

What are natural diamonds?

Natural diamonds are formed deep within the Earth's mantle over billions of years. They are created under high pressure and temperature conditions that cause carbon atoms to bond together in a crystalline structure. The result is a mineral with a unique set of physical and chemical properties that make it one of the most valuable gemstones in the world.

Natural diamonds vs. lab-grown diamonds

In recent years, lab-grown diamonds have become more popular as a more affordable and ethical alternative to natural diamonds. While we understand the appeal of lab-grown diamonds, at DITR Jewelry we choose to use only natural diamonds in our pieces.

One of the main reasons we choose natural diamonds is because of their uniqueness. Each natural diamond is different and has its own set of characteristics, including color, clarity, and cut. This individuality is what makes natural diamonds so special and valuable.

Ethical and environmental implications

Another reason we choose natural diamonds is because of the ethical and environmental implications of diamond mining. While the diamond industry has made progress in recent years to address these issues, there is still a long way to go.

At DITR Jewelry, we are committed to ensuring that the diamonds we use are ethically and responsibly sourced. We work with suppliers who adhere to the Kimberley Process, a system that ensures diamonds are conflict-free and not being used to fund armed conflict.

We also believe in reducing our impact on the environment, which is why we use recycled gold in our jewelry production process.

The benefits of using natural diamonds in jewelry

One of the main benefits of using natural diamonds in jewelry is their beauty. Natural diamonds are some of the most brilliant and sparkling gemstones, and their unique characteristics make them perfect for creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

Another benefit is their value. Natural diamonds are rare and valuable, which means that they are a good investment for those who want to purchase jewelry that will retain its value over time.


At DITR Jewelry, we choose to use natural diamonds in our jewelry because of their uniqueness, beauty, and value. We also believe in sourcing our diamonds ethically and responsibly and reducing our impact on the environment. We hope that this blog post has helped to explain the importance of natural diamonds and why we are proud to use them in our jewelry pieces.

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DITR embraced by trend setters and the press, celebrities and style innovators including…Hilary Swank, Jennifer Lopez, Demi Moore, Alicia Keys and Rihanna have chosenDiamond In The Rough pieces for Red Carpet and editorial appearances.

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Each Diamond in the Rough Bridal Ring comes in our signature copper box with our DITR Certificate of Authenticity and with International Gemological Certificate.  


" I was shocked and thrilled to receive a proposal at Dry Tortuga National Park, yesterday, complete with a stunning ring from Diamond in the Rough! Thank you for this beautiful design! "

" I am so thrilled to wear this ring forever! "

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