Diamond in the Rough Story

Diamond in the Rough Jewelry, is the world’s leading Natural Rough Diamond Jewelry Brand. Inspired by the unique design of each rough diamond, we redefine perceptions of diamond jewelry by showcasing the inherent beauty of these gemstones in their untouched form.

Our Story Start in 2003...

Diamond in the Rough jewelry collection was created in 2003 by Daniel Eskapa, a New York Designer that was partnered ASTRA Diamonds, a De Beers Sight-holder of over 30 years.

Our rediscovered

In 2005, Diamond in the Rough re-introduced the beauty of rough, natural diamonds into modern jewelry, quickly becoming the world’s finest natural rough diamond jewelry brand. Inspired by the untouched and unique shape of each rough diamond, the company creates one of a kind pieces unlike anything the world has ever seen before. Just as it was done so many years ago, the beauty of the natural diamond is celebrated and is never refined or changed from its original and perfect form.






Our Desire

In 2009 DITR Recognized the demand for unique engagement rings and wedding bands and we create The Bridal collection. Each piece is as one of a kind as the bride-to-be and is the answer for women who yearn to stand out from the crowd. The full collection is available exclusively through our website, which was re-launched in 2020 to assure your experience with us is as memorable as the moment you propose.



Our unrelenting passion

Our love for natural rough diamonds and desire to help set every woman apart is the driving factor behind all we do. In a world of indistinguishable diamond rings, Diamond in the Rough strives to create pieces that are truly one of a kind and original. Our team is comprised of everyone from industry veterans and seasoned artisans to digital mavens and fashion enthusiasts. Our passion for our product and what it says about the person wearing it is what motivates us each day to continue to cross boundaries and challenge perceptions of diamond jewelry.