Rough Diamonds Works of Art

All Ditr Jewelry are One of a kind works of art. Creating a one of a kind Diamond in the Rough piece requires time and an unyielding dedication to quality.

We begin at the source

The first step in the creation of the ring is sourcing the rough diamond, which is always the focal point of the design. Since there are so few people in the world that have access to rough diamonds, we have the unique opportunity to acquire gemstones with different shapes and distinctive character for our clients. Whereas other manufacturers care little about the natural beauty of the rough (as they will later cut and facet the rough diamond into almost a completely different gemstone), our job requires much more time, patience, and artistic integrity. We examine thousands of rough diamonds to find just one or two that are naturally striking enough to to bear our name. Diamond in the Rough is the only jeweler to undergo such a painstaking process while others would pay very little, if any, attention to the stone’s natural beauty.

We examine thousands of rough diamonds for the most unique in color, shape and radiance and ultimately choose only a few to bear our name. We go through great measures to find only the best representations of natural diamonds to showcase in our pieces. We then study each individual stone, and a setting worthy of showcasing its brilliance is created in response to its natural characteristics.




Every piece is designed with a specific stone in mind

Our team reviews each individual gemstone, studying its unique texture, shape, color, and characteristics which drew us to it. Some diamond’s proportions lend themselves better to one of our bridal boutique settings than another, while others are so large or uniquely shaped that they deserve a design all their own. These exceptional stones ultimately become part of our “Exclusives” collection.

We draw our inspiration from the diamond itself, and carefully sketch designs that best showcase the diamond’s natural beauty. We examine the sketch to assess technical aspects like ratios, space, number of pavé diamonds needed, which side the stone will be set on, etc. and sometimes we may go through as many as 25 sketches before deciding on the final blueprint. Unlike traditional jewelry, every one of our settings is designed and hand-crafted uniquely for that stone. It is a much more labor-intensive process, but it yields extraordinary results.

The highest quality micro pavé diamonds

Many of our designs also include micro pavé diamonds. While many jewelers incorporate this technique into their designs to complement the center stone, few utilize pavé of the highest possible grade as we do. Our delicate and brilliant micro pave diamonds are the perfect complement to frame and showcase the uniqueness of each of our natural rough diamonds.          Truly, like no other

Knowing just how your one of a kind Diamond in the Rough engagement ring is made is important, but knowing that it will be a beautiful and unique symbol of your lifelong love is paramount.



Our sorting process is so discerning and so selective that even if every bride desired a Diamond in the Rough ring, it would be impossible to match every woman with a diamond that would be up to our standards further cementing the fact that each our rings are incredibly unique and special. Our jewelry is for the woman who is confident, sophisticated, self-assured, and a fashion leader. She is a lover of the truly unique, with her individuality ultimately reflected in her choice of diamonds.