Design Your Own Ring Story

Bring your Lifetime Ring Story to life with our easy-to-use digital ring builder. From the comfort of your own home, you can design your custom engagement ring and watch as our team creates a hand-drawn artistic rendering using the traditional high jewelry style.

Envisioning your unique story has never been simpler. Choose from a variety of cuts, precious metals, band settings, prongs, and stems. Browse through our selection of diamonds, colored gemstones, and even select a Your Signet Stone® that is exclusive to you. Start your journey to your dream ring today.

Designing your custom engagement ring with our digital ring builder is a seamless process that involves the following steps:

  1. Explore our digital ring builder: Select the "Design Your Own" option on our website and begin exploring the various options available for your ring design.
  2. Choose your cut: Select the cut of the diamond or gemstone that you prefer. We offer a wide range of cuts such as round, princess, cushion, pear, and many more.
  3. Select your precious metal: Choose from a variety of precious metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum.
  4. Choose your band setting: Decide on the type of band setting you prefer for your ring. We offer a variety of settings such as prong, bezel, channel, and many more.
  5. Select your diamond or gemstone: Browse through our collection of diamonds and gemstones and select the one that best suits your preference.
  6. Personalize your ring: You can add a touch of personalization to your ring by selecting your preferred prongs, stems, and even a personalized Signature Stone® that is exclusive to you.
  7. Create your hand-drawn artistic rendering: Once you have made your selections, our team will create a hand-drawn artistic rendering of your custom ring design using the traditional high jewelry “Gouache” style.
  8. Review and approve: You will be able to review the rendering and approve it, or request any changes you would like to make.
  9. Production and delivery: After your design is approved, we will begin production and your ring will be delivered to you in the estimated time frame.

Our team is always available to assist you throughout the process, and to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you create a unique and timeless ring that symbolizes your love story."