Rough Diamond Care

Now that you’ve purchased or received a gorgeous Diamond in the Rough item, it might be a bit hard to take off! But, there are times when parting with your jewelry for a few moments can actually help preserve its beauty and luminosity. After all, a rough diamond is one of the most precious gemstones on earth and it needs to be treated as such.

Here are a few tips to help assure your Diamond in the Rough piece stays as stunning as the day you received it:

Care: Hair products, dust and daily wear all play a role in affecting the brilliance of your jewelry.  That being said, we suggest you place your ring in a safe place when showering, applying hair products, washing dishes, swimming, or partaking in extreme activities. Rings containing micro pave use full cut hand-set diamonds that are delicately and painstakingly set; outside solutions like hair products can get underneath stones and loosen them.

Cleaning: Cleaning your diamond ring should be done with care using a professional, nonabrasive cleaning solution. By applying the solution with a soft bristle brush, residue and dust will be removed instantly.

Storage: We suggest that you keep your jewelry in a secure place like a jewelry box while showering, sleeping, or doing any physical activity to prevent damage. Although diamonds are the hardest substance, all jewelry is precious and must be handled with care.

Insurance: Many people choose to insure their ring against loss or theft since the purchase of an engagement ring is such a significant and meaningful one. In some cases, homeowner’s insurance will cover the value of engagement rings, but most likely not in full. It’s best to look into what your current policies will cover and then explore additional ways to protect your jewelry.  Many insurance companies will require an appraisal of the piece prior to issuing the policy. Your Diamond in the Rough engagement ring comes with an International Gemological  Certificate certifying the carat weight of your natural rough diamond ring. You will also receive a Diamond in the Rough Certificate of Authenticity which certifies the authenticity of our jewelry and is numbered. Customer service can give you additional information on third party appraisals as well if your insurance company requires additional paperwork.