Complimentary Free Ring Resizing ?
Most of Diamond in the Rough's rings are created in a standard size ranging from 5.5 to 6.5.  We provide complimentary first time resizing for Diamond in the Rough Bridal rings only; a small resize(1-2 sizes) is completed within 3-5 days and a larger resize(3-4 sizes) is completed approximately within 1 weeks in some cases it could be 3-4 weeks (if we need to custom a new ring). The complimentary FREE resizing is available before we are shipping your ring. Please if you want to resize your ring mention it in the order or contact us with this request once you confirmed the purchase.There is an additional cost to resize a rough diamond eternity band. Sizing a rough diamond ring band is considered a custom order therefore it is final sale and non-returnable. There is an additional cost to resize a rough diamond eternity band.

Do you have rough eternity bands in different sizes?
Our rough diamond eternity bands are mostly size 6.5. If you are interested in purchasing a rough diamond eternity band and would need a resize, we can certainly do that for you with an additional fee. Once your rough diamond eternity band is made to your size and you have received it, it is non-returnable and considered a final sale. 

Do you have micro pavé eternity bands in different sizes?
Our micro pavé eternity bands are mostly sizes 6.5 and 5.5. Should you be interested in a nonstandard ring size, you must note accurate size in your online order. Please allow up to four weeks for the custom band to be delivered.